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Every person, every brand, everything has a story behind it, and Guancho's is no different. Here you will find our main inspiration for embarking on this journey - and why our main goal is to help out other patients and families in similar situations as we were, and are. 

Papa’s Appetite:

Our father was born on Sept 28, 1946. His name was Juan Antonio De La Hoz better known as “Guancho", which is the reason we decided to name our brand after him. He arrived to the USA as a US resident on September 30, 1966.  He moved to the Hamilton Heights Area. Upon his arrival he started working immediately at Fashions INC on 14th Street. He was in charge of ironing all of the clothing for the company. He was also one of the founder and dedicated social club member of the Club Deportivo Dominicano. There he would work as a DJ because he loved music, as a bartender as well as the handy man. He was very involved as this was a home away from home and a staple to the Dominican community in Washington Heights. His smile was his best accessory aside from being so helpful.  He also worked as a construction
worker. He was a hard working man. You can see it in his hands.  He would never say no to anyone even if he couldn’t he would find a way and time to assist.  

He worked doing construction up until he had a heart attack. He had open heart surgery in August 21, 1998; they told us he had a 90% chance to die and he survived that surgery. However, due to his heart condition and his high blood pressure issue he wasn’t able to receive the aggressive chemo he needed when he was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2013.  We found out about his condition on February 2013 because of a serve pain he received from taking iron pills. Our Father lasted 3 days with the pain and when he couldn’t take the pain any longer we had to take him in to the emergency room. He started taking the iron pills because of a weird blood count his analysis showed when he had his follow up with his Cardioligist. Instead of the iron pills helping his blood count they gave him really bad stomach pains which is where everything was discovered. That’s when we were told of his condition and that he had to get an emergency surgery and got a colostomy bag. He was suppose to get it reversed on August of 2013 but couldn’t. On October of 2013 the cancer had spread and he had stage 3 cancer. Doctors suggested it would be best to leave everything as it was so that he could live longer. The thought of the colostomy bag not being able to get reversed was tough on him. The Doctor’s promised us that he would last another 9-12 months, so as a family we decided to listen to take the doctors advise. We wanted to make sure he didn’t go into depression and we kept his cancer a secret from him, his friends and rest of the family. We didn’t want anyone judging him, or feeling pity for him. Sadly but true we live in a very judgmental world and we just wanted him to be happy and enjoy his last moments in this world next to the people he loved as happy as possible. They asked us to do everything he liked and to make the most of the time we had together.  

It wasn’t the easiest decision and it was very hard to hide our emotions to smile and act as if everything was great just so he could be happy and not die faster on us. He wanted to travel and see his brothers in Florida and we let him go in July of 2014. Due to his heart condition he wasn’t able to fly so, he went on a road trip but it seemed as if the trip was too much for him to handle. Already losing his appetite and feeling week my uncle brought him back from Florida to NY. When he came back to NY on August my father was never the same. He was in and out of the hospital. He lost his appetite he wouldn’t get hungry and it was devastating to see My father shedding so many pounds and not being able to do anything about it.  He was so weak he was forgetful, couldn’t walk and would get tired very easily. Whenever he would say that he was craving something we would move mountains to get it for him to just see him take one bite and chew on that same bite for 30 mins to an hour. To see him get upset and disappointed and wouldn’t eat anymore and say that he was full and didn’t want anymore because he couldn’t taste the food as well as, tired from chewing was devastating. When he passed away in October 13, 2014 he weighted only 77lbs. 

The lost of his appetite and how skinny he was at the end was in inspiration to start this business in his memory. To help other people and families in the world that might be going through the same or similar situations. I wish I knew then what I know now about Medicinal Products and how they help with the pain and how certain edible and oils get you through the pain and give you appetite. Which is why we decided to make these accessories available for those who are able to use them. My father was full of life but because of the lack of knowledge and his heart condition he couldn’t stay with us in this world much longer. That is why he is my main inspiration for this journey to help out other patients and families in similar situations. 

Lastly, We keep his legacy going with everything he taught us and his passion for music lives in each of our hearts everyday. 

“This is our story what’s your?”